I never really gave chiropractic a second thought. I thought it was garbage. In fact, my opinion of chiropractors was so low that I actively made fun of them as imposters. That’s despite the fact that I had never actually visited one. That was then, and this is now. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Last Fall, I was in a car accident. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. Instead my symptoms developed over the next few months. My back and neck ached constantly. Every day was a struggle. Then a good friend recommend I see her chiropractor. I very reluctantly agreed. Ill save the details of the story for a future post, but suffice it to say chiropractic works! I had essentially given up on living a life free of pain, so I’m enjoying every single day.

I had been suffering from severe, burning neck pain and numbness and tingling in my right hand for four weeks-the pain felt like an 8/10! The burning sensation started at my neck and went all the way down my shoulder blades. The chiropractor will suggest the required tests for better orthopedic and neurological understanding. Regular treatment can also strengthen weaker areas. My husband has received treatment for his low back, and within hours of his treatment felt much better. I know chiropractic is a highly effective treatment method. Dr. Gallo did not disappoint.

His office was friendly and welcoming, and Dr. Gallo is professional but informal and caring. He used several approaches to relieving my pain, and each felt progressively better. I was immediately happy! I’ve always supported chiropractic and firmly believe in the benefits of chiropractic treatment and methods. To focus on alignment of the spine and other skeletal issues and be able to address more issues without painkillers or surgeries is amazing. I will tell others about my experience. To feel the effects of chiropractic, one must only give it a try!

I had a pain in my left shoulder that began to radiate into my neck and back. It was a constant, deep pain in my left shoulder and lasted four days! I couldn’t function without pain relievers and heat, which were only temporary relief and I feared the side effects of the medication.

After many years of neck pain, stiffness, temporal arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatica and overall pain, I made an appointment with Dr. Gallo. He saw me promptly, and he and his staff, and he and his staff were professional, friendly, and thorough.

He recommended another appointment and an ultrasound treatment. Within one day my pain was reduced by 95%! Any discomfort was fleeting and barely even noticed. I know chiropractic care has made it possible for me to continue my career as a photographer. I can work stooped over a newborn for two hours or chase a toddler for an hour, thanks to Dr. Gallo! This clearly indicates that people are willing to explore the drugless possibilities of dealing with chronic pain and discomfort. Of course, the expertise and experience of the chiropractic expert also matters for the right results.