Does your garden resemble a graveyard from that of a horror movie?

Does it perhaps lead to Oz or any fantastical place in another plane of existence?

Or perhaps you’ve spotted some magical creatures flying and lurking about at dawn and just before nightfall?

Well then, you’re not alone! (Well, at least we don’t think you’re alone in experiencing such supernatural phenomena)

We at Evergreen Tree Surgeons can help you transform your boring and even lifeless garden into lively and serene living spaces fit for royalty, both human and magical beings.

But what exactly do we do and offer? And what exactly is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon, or in professional terms, an arborist (also called an arboriculturist) is someone who cultivates, manages, and even studies the various shrubs, trees, vines,and even perennial woody plants, in the field of dendrology and horticulture.

And although we share common similarities with loggers and foresters, our scope is much more distinct, additional training is needed for most (if not all) arborists specially to those who are sought by power companies to clear extending branches from power lines which can endanger lives especially during storms and harsh weather conditions.

A tree surgeon’s work may be simple, cutting or pruning branches away from power lines, and it may be complex where  one may need to monitor a tree’s health especially when it comes to parks or ecological reserves; both natural and or manmade.

Arborists may also plan, give testimony, create reports, and even give consultation to the proper organisations and companies.

So What Does a Tree Surgeon Have to Offer?

The job of a tree surgeon isn’t limited to scaling trees or crawling under bushes, in fact, we at Evergreen Tree Surgeons offer a wide array of services to serve our customers.

Below are the following services we offer:

  • Stump removal: whether you have plans to transform that tree stump into some avant garde project or simply want to get rid of it, we’re ready to help you get rid of that tree stump with our power tools.
  • Felling: we’ll help you get rid of trees with diseases that can put other healthy trees at risk.
  • Crown reduction and thinning: while we believe that nature should be allowed to take its course, there will cases where man should interfere specially if you are the head of a nature reserve or park. We’ll slowly but surely we will be able to reduce the size of the crowns of the trees to prevent accidents from happening, this allows the tree to maintain its natural shape while growing more healthily.
  • Removal of Dead Wood: we at Evergreen Tree Surgeons will take care of removing dead trees in your garden or property so that it won’t endanger anyone, and make way for healthier and stronger trees. Removing such hazards will not only improve the conditions of trees but also keep others from being hurt when dead branches and even the tree themselves fall.  
  • Hedge Trimming: Not only do we specialise in trees but we can also take care of your bush and hedge problems, we’ll make sure your bushes and hedges are trimmed and maintained to make your garden or outdoor spaces more enjoyable.