Pensacola chiropractors have experienced a slow and steady growth in the use of chiropractic in the treatment of back and neck pain. There are also many experts who feel chiropractic will continue to collaborate more with the traditional medical providers in the future. The acceleration of research in this field is predicted for the near future as well. Most people know that there is a surge in the need for wellness and preventive care throughout all medical fields. Chiropractic is poised to meet this demand by offering their patients advice in all aspects of preventative healthcare.  Pensacola chiropractors are also seeing a greater unity within the profession that has resulted in the sharing of knowledge within the community. Chiropractic is also being used in the treatment of veterans and their families. We all know that healthcare is heading into future uncharted territory, Pensacola chiropractors are going to play a huge role in that future.

A Pensacola Chiropractors Testimonial

I was experiencing severe back pain and thought I was at the end of my rope. I had taken prescription pain medication for months, but now it didn’t even touch the severe pain I was experiencing. I was facing back surgery, which was a crap shoot….It may work or it may not. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want a future that depended on pain meds and expensive doctor visits. I friend of mine suggested going to a Pensacola chiropractors. I literally hobbled into the office with the help of a walking cane and my husband. The pain was terrific. I could not even sit in the waiting room chair without screaming in agony. I was called back into the treatment area and after filling out some forms and getting x-rayed, the doctor suggested a treatment. I was put on a decompression table for about a 20 minute treatment. I am not joking, I actually walked out of the Pensacola chiropractor’s office under my own power after the first treatment! I had 15 follow up treatments and today I am currently pain and drug free. Amazing! I now feel like my future has been given back to me. Oh, and by the way, it cost me only a fraction of what traditional back surgery would cost.  

To handle such physical fitness issues, most teams have an in-house chiropractor, who is very knowledgeable and capable of treating their injuries. They work in close collaboration with athletes and athletic trainers to reduces the pressure on the nerves, joints, muscles and initiate healing and a fast recovery. With a chiropractor, you can potentially avoid those unwanted painkillers and opiod drugs to a real extent. That’s because chiropractors do help in minimizing the pain, discomfort and other issues. You can decrease your dependency on certain meds, especially the ones that are taken regularly. These medications can wreak havoc and have long term ramifications on your liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal system and nervous system. Look for chiropractors who are experienced in sports fitness and can help in reducing the recovery time. They can accelerate the healing process, which is assurance of getting back on the field.