Even though their jobs have a lot of similarities, most tree surgeons do specialise in a certain field which also allows them to further improve their skill and abilities which can lead them to better opportunities out in the field.

However, that doesn’t mean a landscape artist or designer can’t work together.

But what services do tree surgeons exactly offer?

  • Brick & Stone Cleaning
  • Brick & Block Paving
  • Fencing & Gates
  • Garden Clearance
  • Lawns and Turfing or Seeding
  • Stone and Concrete Paving
  • Tree Surgery and Consultancy

Looks pretty familiar with what landscape artists and designers do right?

Well it’s because both professions (landscape designers and tree surgeons) do share the same attributes in their jobs, while most landscape gardeners are focused on beautifying your garden, tree surgeons tend to go much deeper, in fact, some are involved in horticulture and arboriculture.

Now, compared to other jobs, tree surgeons usually don’t need any formal education, one can be a full time architect, office clerk, or even a doctor and be a tree surgeon during the weekends; some countries do offer trainings for those who want to be tree surgeons which allows them learn new skills or improve their current skill set.

Many tree surgeons specialise in tree surgery, tree hazard assessment, tree lopping, stump grinding, tree felling, root work, tree felling and tree maintenance, others may also provide extra landscaping services, most tree surgeons are completely environmentally friendly, only using chemicals in rare and extreme cases,  although they do use power tools.

Where Do I Find Tree Surgeons?

Most tree surgeons can be easily found, regardless where you’re from, nowadays due to the boom of technology, one can easily find them with a quick Google search.

Many offer a free quotation or consultation to their clients so that they’ll know how much they will be spending on a certain project; don’t worry, most tree surgeons are budget friendly no matter how big your project is, some even offer flexible payment terms.

Although most tree surgeons stick to one area, many will go the extra mile to serve their clients in another area in their country of residence, and they’re not just limited to commercial establishments.

So instead of laboring away or hiring someone who doesn’t have experience in taking care of trees and bushes, it’s best you call the nearest tree surgeon in your city and enlist their help so that you’ll have total peace of mind. Don’t worry as most tree surgeons are licensed and covered by most major and even minor insurance companies in your country.

Rest assured that you will get peace of mind from tree surgeons as they are experts in their craft, they also hold the relevant certificates needed to be a certified tree surgeon.

Most tree surgeons will know what to do what to do with the discarded tree trunks, vines, and or bushes so you don’t have to worry about throwing it away or placing it anywhere after it’s been dealt with, Wood chip can end up being used as a mulch or weed suppressant, surface dressing, and even bio fuel! Logs are often end up being used for firewood although sometimes some artists or craftsmen may want to purchase them for wood carving works,  any other green waste which isn’t chipped is taken into a recycling center or used as compost or soil conditioner.